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For many of us Spring always warms the heart with new beauty. While May brings in the awareness of "The Mother" whether it be "Mother Nature," "Mother Earth,” or ones own "Mother.” The magnificence of creation and its evolution always evokes such an AHA! moment.

For our May Issue we found it only "fitting” to share the Fashion Inspiration behind Spicer Bags with the Designer Duo, Mother and Daughter Team, Bonnie and Sarah Gemmell. Our Fashion Editor, Cynthia Jackson, shares a great interview with the Duo, touching on not only their very "Corky" designs, but their relationship in the creative process. A very nice read!

Being a "Mom" is not an easy job. In our Beauty segment, Editor, Chery James features, the perfect place for your well deserved "ME TIME," with her discovery of the KURE Wellness Retreat. "Sign me up!"

Buzz brings us a sincere commentary on parenting "Skills" and the evolution of, while Susan Chritton shares with us her insight on "Relationships."

Don't forget to also get the "Fashion Rundown" in our Trend Piece—From Cork to Raffia: 5 Materials to Step Up Your Summer Shoe Game!







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