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Spring for me is always about the Re’s—renewal, refresh, rejuvenate and rework. These words and actions inspire us to throw out the old and bring in the new; and we have certainly done that this month with our great article on FASHION SAVE & STORE.  This year, however, I have chosen a new Re word and I encourage you to do the same. REMIND!

Remind yourself:

- Of all the many wonderful Springs you have passed through and those to come.

- Of all the many special friends and loved ones you have gathered in your garden of this Life.

- Of the many ideas and experiences you have harvested and a reminder from us to keep your eyes on the new and exciting ones that will inevitably crop up.

Our Fashion Editor, Cynthia Jackson, will remind you of the Hip 70's in our URBAN LOOK of SPRING. In Beauty, we follow the lead of our Cover Model, Jessica Gallagher, while our Beauty Editor, Chery James inspires us to FACE SPRING with a Lighter Touch and reminds us of our Beauty Within.

Again, Susan Chritton, Author of Personal Branding for Dummies, shares valuable Tips on handling "Transitions" and while doing so reminds us of our personal responsibility in the creative process of Life.

As a FUSE WOMAN, I personally would like to REMIND you of your magnificence...regardless of your Dress Size (LOL!), of your ability to choose, even if all of your choices are not perfect ones. They are yours and you certainly will learn from them, and of your individual beauty...wrinkles and all!

We are all of great Spirit which is undeniably Stunning!