The FUSE Woman

The Influence of Color


Needless to say Color can be a big part of our lives and The Great Influencer!


In Beauty Chanel Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer Lucia Pica tells the story of her California road trip through a striking new makeup collection — with unexpected shades, textures and finishes — featuring the new 3-in-1 palette.


Max Buzby in Form & Spirit explores the Creative Process through a terrific film called, "The Cave of Forgotten Dreams." It is a documentary describing a series of ancient paintings in the cave at Lascaux in the Dordogne region of France. Our Life Coach, Alene Gabriel, shares her most favorite things about Fall and asks us to consider ours.


Gail Gabriel, our Life Styled Editor, writes about "Accessing Color in Your Life" and reminds us that Color is Everywhere! 


For Fashion FALL WINTER 2017, we have discovered The Peruvian Connection launched in 1976 by mother and daughter team Biddy and Annie Hurlbut, after inspiration took hold halfway across the globe. These ethnographic textiles and warp-faced weaving techniques share with us an ancient tradition of the Andes.


I do hope you find Inspiration and Excitement within these pages . . . #The FUSE Woman, "Where Form & Spirit Become One!"


Penelope Bent-Lippincott


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