NOTHING DATES a Woman more then her Hair Style! Many of you have not changed your look for years and may be wearing the same "Do" you were wearing in highschool . . .



Change as you can see by our Celeb Images can be Subtle. Updating your "DO" does not always require a Major Change, just a Subtle bit of Tweaking!



To keep up with the times it is important to experiment with products that will give your style that PIECED Contemporary Look. Also, if you are not sure how to create the Pieced Look, YOUTUBE is an amazing GO TO for instructions and ideas!

Here are a few SIMPLE TRICKS



Your skin and hair color can change drastically during the aging process. It is essential to evaluate your color needs and find a tone that enhances and brightens your face. You will be amazed to discover how great color can take years off of your image!


Believe it or not a bit of Height and Direction will give your face a natural lift! Style your sides away from your face  along with a bit of heigth and you will actually redirect the eye away from your chin and your image will lift.

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The PERFECT Golden Age

Find the Age Perfect Tailored to You!


As skin becomes older and more fragile, it becomes more and more difficult to keep skin hydrated. Dehydrated skin feels dry and thin and can leave the complexion grey and dull leaving skin looking less radiant.


L'Oréal Paris laboratories have formulated Age Perfect to help rejuvenate skin so that you can age gracefully.


Proven science tested by leading skincare experts and scientists worldwide, captured in luxurious textures for a sumptuous skincare experience. Beautiful skin today and more youthful looking skin tomorrow.

"Gold, Not Old!"


Reaching a 'certain' age can make us feel invisible. But invisible doesn't have to be inevitable.


The older we get, the more fabulous we become. We trade inexperience, for assuredness. Naivety, for knowledge. Self-doubt, for self-worth. We are visible, we have a voice. So grow another year bolder. 


Now is our Golden Age, because we're worth it.

Helen Mirren

"So you just have to find a way of negotiating getting old psychologically and physically.” Helen Mirren

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